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„This is a brilliant idea; no mess, use the box as a tray and when I finished easy to dispose off and the colour was spot on, will use again.“

- customer review - online retailer -

the paint

quality for your colored home improvement

Welcome to the world of environmentally friendly, zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints, meeting the latest production standards, offering you high quality and amazing user experience. We produce water based paints for all kind of applications, 100% solvent free and with excellent coverage.


NO solvents

NO toxics

NO smell

the box

find out how easy to use it

Cut along the markers carefully.

Be aware of not sticking into the bag.

Open the box.

Take out the bag and open the screw cap.

Fill as much paint as you need into the box.

Ready to go - have fun!

„I wanted to paint a smaller room in dark violet. This box was my perfect choice. The paint looks amazing and thanks to the spout bag system, you can add as much paint as you need and the rest can be stored easyly.

Five stars!“

- customer review - online retailer -

the idea

benefits of our concept

The optimal packaging system for online retail sales shippment is made of 100% recycled paper and uses about 70% less plastic than usual paint containers.

Thanks to the double boarded box and the flexible spout bag inside, you don´t have to worry about transport damages or broken cans anymore.

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